Swim Success -- Sensitive, Sensible, Swimming Lessons

How to register

New clients:

  1. Look through the websites for general information.
  2. Attend a Pool Visit for personal information.
  3. Decide if this program fits your needs.
  4. Schedule your first week of class.
  5. Complete registration forms and pay fees. This final step may be done at the end of the Pool Visit. Or, you may schedule a later time to complete your registration forms and pay your fees.

Interested? Start with this contact form.

Clients from last year and before:

  1. Look through the websites for new information.
  2. Contact me to let me know when you are ready to start up again—or if you have new questions.

SEE ALSO: our other websites swimsuccess.weebly.com and swimsynchro.weebly.com.